Creative Lead, Producer, Film Director

Matt has an expertise spanning motion pictures, animation, museum exhibitions and AI algorithms. He has worked extensively in Poland, Australia, and the United States. He has collaborated with Discovery, History Channel, CANAL+, and Platige Image. He carries out projects in an eclectic way, where storytelling and visuals go hand in hand with technology. He won the Golden Lion at the Cannes advertising festival, and made his debut as a director at the Cannes film festival (Critics’ Week) with his short film “Tourist”. He has guest lectured at the School of Visual Arts in New York, in Poland and in the UK.


Film Director, DOP and Editor

Film Director, DOP and Editor with nearly 20 years of experience in the TV industry. He worked in numerous film sets around the globe. His portfolio consists of a wide variety of formats, from reality shows, documentaries to music videos and commercials. 

Now he is an eager AI enthusiast especially in animation and generative video fields. He is on a lookout for new ways of implementing AI to visual storytelling.


Director, Multimedia Artist

A director, multimedia artist, and choreographer who blends technology and art. She has performed and conducted workshops for groups, including at Columbia University (New York) and Yale University, among others. Together with her sister Mai, a DOP, they form a Bui Sisters duo and work on various film projects.


New Media & AI Automation Expert

Specializes in the new media sector. His expertise in film production, VFX, 3D animation, and multimedia exhibitions is deepened by a profound passion for technology, AI, and programming. He has developed innovative solutions for new media production processes, pipeline automation, and advanced streaming systems. Recognized for his creative achievements with the Apex Award, Rafał’s collaborative efforts include partnerships with Google and the NFL, alongside contributions to Covra Nuclear Plant, EU Commision, the Polish Song Museum, and more.


Creative Producer

Paula is an experienced media production professional with a strong background in film, commercials, animations, and sound design. Her expertise extends to organizing events, client communication, and production management. Known for her exceptional communication and creativity, Paula excels at problem-solving, conceptualizing new ideas, and scriptwriting, including visual aspects. She has also contributed to technological projects, particularly in developing multimedia platforms. Paula has worked with notable companies like Techland, Motor Lublin, Cyber Live, and others, showcasing her versatility and ability to work across various domains.